President elect Forum 2022, President Forum 2023

Michael Wallies got elected as "President Elect"  of the EFPT Forum 2022 and will be President of the EFPT Forum 2023. He welcomes you with a few own words:

Some of our Team (more will follow):

Vanessa Pinto: CAP Secretary EFPT, LOC: Forum Programme Team

Valentina Basile (Guest Relations Team)

Andrea Bertuzzi (Location Team)

Daniel Dias (Guest Relations Team)

Lavinia Duda (Sponsoring Team)

Clara Deutschmann (Guest Relations Team)

Julia Hermanek (Location Team)

Catalin Ivanov (Location Team, Sponsoring Team)

Achudhan Karunaharamoorthy (Guest Relations Team)

Sélim Kotti (Organizing Team)

Fabian Kraxner (Sponsoring Team, Location Team)

Valérie Nyffeler (Forum Programme Team)

Ximena Tillner (Location Team)

Filippo Toni (Organizing Team)

Yumi Wallies (Website)

David Weis (Forum Programme Team)

Judith Weiser (Guest Relations Team)

Davide Zani (Social Media Team)