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The EFPT Forum 2023 will be visited by around 200 Psychiatric Trainees from Europe and also from Overseas.

The last time it was held in Switzerland was 2013. It was a huge success. We want to be the EFPT Forum 2023 to be a success again, but for that we need your help:

Location, Food, accommodation, advertising, and a lot more adds to the bill. Also, there are trainees coming from countries with little money. We want to include them, too.


If you can help us as an organization or a private person: we appreciate every donation.

And we are also happy to hear ideas (e.g., if you know a good location near an airport or a good reasonable hotel or a good speaker for the Forum). We may not be able to include everything, but we surely will appreciate it. Maybe your idea is the key to our success? And your donation the one that makes the Forum possible? Who knows?


As we just started with the website and are recruiting trainees to help now with the planning we cannot give a lot of information, yet. Please be patient with us. You can already contact us, if you want to know more and receive our updates.


Date of the Forum: beginning/middle July 2023

Location: somewhere in Switzerland


Thank you very much


Michael Wallies (president-elect 2022, president 2023) and his Team

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EFPT Forum 2023

If you want to be mentioned as donor by name, please also write your name in the transfer purpose. We will write all the donors by name into a PDF with impressions of the EFPT Forum 2023 after the Forum and put it on

We will also sent it by email to interested people.


If you DO NOT want to be mentioned by name, do NOT put your name into transfer purpose.




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